To apply assist Maureen’s SE trainings please download this pdf and email your answers to

You can also simply copy/paste the questions below along with your responses into the body of your email.

SE Assistant Application Form
Please answer the questions below and email your answers to

1. Are you an SEP?

2. If not, when is your planned date of completion?

3. Who did you complete your training with?

4. Who provided your recommendation to assist?

5. At what level are you approved to assist?

6. Do you provide individual personal sessions, if yes, at what level?

7. Do you provide individual case consultations, if yes at what level?

8. Do you provide group case consultations, if yes at what level?

9. Are you currently in SE consultation? If yes, with whom?

10. Have you completed and post advanced SE workshops? With whom?

11. Have you completed any Master Classes with Peter Levine?

12. Where do you live?

13. What is your scope of practice/licensure?

14. Are there other modalities that you practice?

15. Do you currently see clients? Please provide a description of your current client practice.

17. Where are you interested in assisting? Please list in order of priority: (New York, NY 2020,Montclair, NJ 2020, Southbury, CT 2020, Roanoak, VA 2019, Boston, MA Anticipated 2020).
Please check the website for training dates.

18. Assisting is a 6 module commitment, please be available for all dates of training, or let me
know of date conflicts in advance.

19. Anything you would like me know about you or you would like to add to your application?