Attachment Theory – An Embodied Approach

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Our attachment system is laid down early in life, and is a combination of our genetic inheritance and our response to our perception and experience of our environment.  We experience attachment ruptures as serious threats to our survival, and create strategies to deal with this based on our unique nervous systems.

These strategies rely on the functioning of our autonomic nervous system.  The knowledge of polyvagal theory can help us to understand and work with our own and our clients nervous systems.

This course will aid mental health practitioners and other related healing disciplines to recognize attachment dynamics and address them in therapeutic settings such as psychotherapy.

6 Downloadable Videos & MP3s
Course Readings
12 Embodied Philosophy Credits


Module 1: The Attachment and the Novel Response Systems

Module 2: Polyvagal Theory and Attachment Strategies

Module 3: Sympathetic Dominance and Hyperactivating Attachment Strategies

Module 4: Parasympathetic Dominance and Hypoactivating Attachment Strategies

Module 5: Mixed States and Disorganized Attachment Strategies

Module 6: Tend/Befriend and Appease Strategies

Attachment and Inner Relationship: Compassion as Shared Foundation